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Battle of Anderson

May 1, 1865


The Battle of Anderson County was fought in the closing days of the Civil War... after the issue had largely been decided.


Still... while it might not have the same recognition as a "Gettysburg" or an "Antietam", the Battle of Anderson has drawn sufficient interest, from those with a love of history, for there to be a reenactment of the clash which featured the Citadel Cadets.


The battle... according to reenactment organizers was the last Civil War battle, or skirmish... east of the Mississippi River. According to history, the Confederate forces suffered no casualties... and the Union forces had two casualties in a skirmish that took place on May 1, 1865.


Where the exact battle took place is a subject of debate amongst historians. While it appears to be true that it took place in what is now Anderson County... there is no consensus of the exact spot.


This website will attempt to chronicle this event... and offer other resources into this period of our heritage and that of our forefathers... The Sons of the Confederacy.


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