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Even the name of the military conflict from 1861 to 1865, which destroyed the original United States, is subject to great debate and interpretation. That one war cost more American lives than any other war up to today. The cultural divisions that culminated in the war have continued to this day. The price for one section of the country dominating another by force of arms has been and continues to be high--for both sides.

The armed conflict between the United States and the Confederate States ended in 1865. Despite claims to the contrary, the debate from the Southern perspective over the causes of the war and the culture and character of the opposing sides is not based on any desire to restart that war. For the defenders of Southern culture and history, today’s battle is to deflect and negate the prejudice and hypocrisy of those who claim to represent the victors and who continue the quest to dominate and destroy any who question their moral superiority. On questions of race, politics, business, culture, and many other subjects, there is no shortage of shame, blame, and hypocrisy on both sides of this division. There is also honor, responsibility, and respectability. Those of us who value the best of human nature must not allow our history to be decided by those who wallow in the worst and revel in it.

Knowledge and reason are the best weapons in this clash. The sharpness of facts will deflate baseless opinions whether the holders of those opinions choose to accept the facts or not. For this reason it is important to be informed about the people and events of our past. Americans in general and Southerners in particular must educate themselves by examining the events of the past and encouraging others to do the same. Strengthen yourself with knowledge, and the spirit of independence, heritage, courage, and pride in family of Southern Americans will not be extinguished by force or by slander. Do not meekly accept the derision of critics and detractors, for the cost of doing so is too great. Where respect is deserved, give it freely. Where honor is shown, praise it and return it. When faced with vindictiveness or disrespect, turn it aside with quiet words based on a sound understanding of the past. Truth will triumph, if we arm ourselves with knowledge... Warren Scott, MacBeth Light Artillary; reenactor

“To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.”
Quote attributed to British leader Calgacus referring to the Roman subjugation of Britain.
(From Tacitus’ On The Life and Character of Julius Agricola)



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